Hindu Kay Was Gesoteady’s Receptionist – Prima Kadarshi Reveals Brands the Singer Kafumisi

Beautician and Prima Lusania CEO Prima Kadarshi has revealed that Geosteady’s girlfriend Hindu Kay was the singer’s receptionist prior to embarking on a relationship.

Today Goesteady and his baby mama Prima Kadarshi Ndagire have been embroiled in a bitter online exchange.

Going by the mother of two’s recent social media post, their feud was ignited by the fact that Geosteady snubbed her and praised his girlfriend Hindu Kay on Valentine’s day, compelling the singer’s fans to troll her online.

As their feud escalated, Geosteady and Prima went bare knuckles, exposing each other’s dirty linen.

Geosteady, Prima Kadarshi

In one of Prima’s social media posts, she revealed that she rather be single than date a man who drills every woman’s hole as if mining gold.

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I rather be single than ride a community dick. Nigga will knack every hole. Ononya Gold tomufunanga? nga you have danced animals. Ka Fu Mi Si

Prima went on to stress that Hindu Kay was Gesoteady’s receptionist prior to dating her and made it known that he once slept with her in his studio hence its collapse.


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