NEWSHon. Nambooze Bakireke Betty Nursing Injuries After Falling Off the Stairs

Hon. Nambooze Bakireke Betty Nursing Injuries After Falling Off the Stairs

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Nambooze Bakireke Betty is currently nursing injuries after falling off the stairs at her home in Mukono.

According to the Hon. Nambooze Bakireke Betty , she took a miscalculated move, missing a step which resulted in falling off a dozen of stairs.

She was rushed to Bulogobi Medical Centre, where a TC- scan was conducted for a detailed internal body diagnosis.

Hon. Nambooze Bakireke Betty

Fortunately, the doctors discovered that there was no intensive internal body damage though she is currently experiencing intensive body pain.

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Hon. Nambooze Bakireke Betty shared the sad news via her socials, where she revealed that she is currently nursing a swollen face, chest, and arms after seven stitches.

She thanked God for gifting her another chance to live and tell her story.

I wish to thank Lord Almighty for my life…..I almost ended the other day…

Many of my colleagues and other people whom I know lost their lives due to a domestic accident and Nambooze has walked through it at least for now.

The story has always a sad story….That so and do was found unconscious after falling in his/her bathroom or stairs. I have over a dozen steps and it by God’s Grace that I’m the one telling this story and not my next of kin!

That is the story that was told against me. My Doctor has today told me to go and thank my Lord for falling a dozen steps, losing all that blood….and the TC- scan telling the medics that your ka- skull is 8ntact! Well, I have a lot of pain but at least there is no internal bleeding or completely broken bone….that you remained conscious all through this…is a miracle!

Thank you, Lord for blessing me with this day in my life. It’s not always easy, and I know there are many problems, but everything you do is for a reason. Let me find the best in them so I can live up to your expectations. Thank you for everything in my life.”

Thank you, Lord for everything. True I have hard hit body, seven stitches in the face are swollen chest, and swollen arms but still, I’m in one piece

Hon. Nambooze Bakireke Betty

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