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I Always Get Nervous When the Year is Ending Following the Death of Both My Parents in One Year – Leila Kayondo

Singer Leila Kayondo has revealed that she always gets nervous as the year comes to an end.

Leila Kayondo lost both of her parents in 2020, making the year one of the worst years she has ever experienced.

The singer was dealt a heavy blow having lost her father Hajji Yahaya Kayondo in March 2020, and her mother Nnalongo Kayondo in December of the same year.

The two events in her life, did not only sabotage her mental state, but also significantly affected her musical form.

Leila Kayondo

Ever since, ending the year has never been the same, as the singer recollects the two unforeseen tragedies in her life.

As the country gears up to usher in the new year, Leila Kayondo through her socials revealed that always gets nervous having lost her mother towards the end of the year.

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Leila went to forewarn those close to her bare with her, as she may sound rude when they reach out to her on grounds she is still battling anxiety.

“I always get nervous when the year is ending. Trust me! I am always sooooo scared! Ever since I lost both my parents in one year’ one in March and another one in December. They were my everything. so please Bare with me’ if you see me or call me and i sound just dealing with anxiety.”

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