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I am not here to fight Sheebah – Rahmah Pinky clears the air

Earlier this month, rumors had it that Team no sleep music camp had terminated its working contract with singer Sheeabh Karungi. The camp signing Nanyanzi Rahma famously known as Rahma Pinky sealed off doubts that Sheebah and Jeff Kiwa had fallen out after years of a good working atmosphere.

Pinky recording her first song dubbed Superstar with the new management TNS, sparked off claims that she was borrowing artistry from Sheebah, crowning her a copycat.

Rahma Pinky with producer Bushinton

During an interview with UNCUT, the 17-year-old singer said sounding like Sheebah in her first project with the music camp is not her fault, because the song was provided by her management.

Pinky revealed that she’s not into music to replace or compete with Sheebah, but rather to start her own music Journey. The singer adds that however much she has never met or talked to Sheebah, she has much respect for the singer. This rubbishes claims that Pinky’s contract with Team No sleep is aimed at fighting  Queen Karma.

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