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“I am Not Yet To Stop Just Stay In Your Lane” Lydia Jazmine On Sharing Semi-Nude Photos

Singer Lydia Jazmine is one of the female musicians who send their fans into a frenzy and set netizens’ tongues wagging whenever they share semi-nude photos on their social media accounts.

However, the semi-nude photos have always got these artists in a weird spot, as a clique has always criticized their dress code.

Addressing the matter in an interview with Spark TV, Lydia Jazmine revealed that she is not controlled by her fans.

Lydia Jazmine

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Lydia Jazmine further warned fans against poking their nose in her personal life, before urging them to stay in their lane.

The Masuuka star went on to reveal that she has all that it takes to live the life she desires, and post the moments on her socials owing she has a right and owns them.

Jazmine vowed to continue posting photos and videos of herself chopping life and apologised to whoever will be offended.

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