GOSSIPI Can't Apologize to My Father - Pastor Bugingo's Daughter Doreen Gift...

I Can’t Apologize to My Father – Pastor Bugingo’s Daughter Doreen Gift Bujjingo Vows

House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor Bugingo’s daughter Doreen Gift Bujjingo has revealed that she is unapologetic about everything she uttered about her father.

In 2019, Pastor Bugingo and his estranged wife Teddy Naluswa were the topics of discussion following their rivalry over the former’s infidelity.

In the midst of the conflict, pastor Bugingo while preaching to the church congregation, disclosed how Teddy Naluswa had connived with her daughter Doreen Gift to seize his church’s land.

While appearing in an interview with Sanyuka TV, Doreen exposed her father’s dirty linen, revealing that while still legally married to their mother in 2016, Bugingo was embroiled in an extramarital romance with Susan Makula.

Pastor Bugingo, Doreen Gift

Regarding seizing the church land, Doreen stressed that her father was the sole signatory of the church land and the salt media house, before questioning how they could take possession of church land when neither of them is a joint owner nor are there any documents that require their signatures.

In a weekend interview following her recent graduation, Doreen praised her mother for providing her with emotional support as well as well-wishers who contributed financially to help her complete her Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering.

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She further stressed that despite the challenges that struck their family a few years back, she still respects pastor Bugingo as her father.

Doreen Gift Bujjingo however, maintained that she is unapologetic about whatever she said about her family because it was true to the best of her knowledge.

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