GOSSIPI Once Bought a Suit Worth UGX 6M - Canary Mugume

I Once Bought a Suit Worth UGX 6M – Canary Mugume

Next Media’s Investigative Journalist Canary Mugume revealed that he once bought a suit worth UGX 6M.

While appearing in an interview during Sanyuka TV’s wardrobe show, Canary Mugume was asked about the highest amount he has ever spent on an outfit.

Responding to the question, Canary revealed that during his trip to London, he saw a suit which caught his attention in one of the shops in London.

Canary Mugume

The suit was priced in Dollars, and Canary was so quick to pull out his VISA card to win himself the classy suit.

However, he was shocked when he got a notification on his phone notifying him of a UGX 6M debit from his bank account.

Canary’s revelation left the presenter and his fans shocked, wondering how someone spends such an amount on only one outfit given the prevailing economic hardship.

I bought a suit which wasn’t made here. I found it in a shop in London and I liked it so much. But upon swiping my VISA card into the machine, I got a notification on my phone revealing that I was charged UGX 6M.

Canary Mugume

Besides media, Canary Mugume is the CEO of Version 86, fashion blogger and creative director at Fashion Republique and his fashion choices have always turned necks.

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