G. Snake

I Put My Music Career on Hold to Focus on My Family – G. Snake Break the Silence

Singer G. Snake real name Sarah Namukwaya has opened up on why she chose to put her music career at bay.

Having found her way to the music scene in 2011, G. Snake turned into a household name with bangers like Kampala, Tulo Tulo, and others.

Renowned for performing with a snake, G. Snake left audiences in awe. However, her career didn’t stand the taste of time, as she went silent a few years later.

For over a week now, her fans painted the internet with her photos, each questioning the singer’s whereabouts.

G. Snake

The now mother of two happened to cross paths with the queries online and she was so quick to take to Facebook to set the record straight.

In her post, the singer revealed that her going into hibernation was deliberate, and she wanted to put more effort into her family otherwise she was risking losing it.

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She further noted that in the course, she expanded her family with two gorgeous daughters who required her companionship.

The singer went on to stress that she is not doing bad financially, as she has other ventures that may facilitate her well-being and the family.

G. Snake

G. Snake expressed gratitude to her fans and well-wishers for their concern before praying to God to keep them safe.

Alright….people, who are actually asking…,”where is Gsnake, yadawa…omusota gwamulya?”….When I decided to get a break from singing, wasn’t because ndi bubi. Sometimes we have to put all we do on a scale. I had to get a break from all that to nature my family. Otherwise, in a way, I would lose it. Gave birth to daughters…they need mom around. Sometimes we look for money, but you eventually end up losing more than you bargained for. I decided to have a break from music…to nature my family. All in all, thanks for your unending concern. Oh by the way, I have other ventures I milk my money from…..God is good to me…..Stay blessed.


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