GOSSIPI Was Fired from Bukedde TV Because Of Subscribing to Bobi Wine's...

I Was Fired from Bukedde TV Because Of Subscribing to Bobi Wine’s Political Party NUP – Omubi Masembe

Former Vision Group journalist Omubi Masembe real name Elimia Masembe has disclosed why he was shown the media outlet’s exit.

In 2020, Masembe was one of the many media personalities who expressed interest in taking the direction of active politics.

He stormed Kamwokya and chose the National Unity Platform (NUP) political party card to fulfill his desire of becoming the Lord Councilor LC 5 Makindye West seat on the NUP party ticket.

Masembe’s decision, though, did not sit well with his superiors at the industrial area-based media outlet, who cautioned him against joining politics.

Omubi Masembe

Upon Masembe’s bosses realizing that he wasn’t ready to dance to their tunes, they nullified his employment contract, citing their employees are not meant to engage in the country’s politics.

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The former host of the ‘Ani Asinga’ show eventually moved to the United States of America, after his attempt to try his luck in politics failed and his media career was no more.

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