GOSSIPI Was Just Celebrating My New Apartment, Though I Apologize If I...

I Was Just Celebrating My New Apartment, Though I Apologize If I Seemed Out of Sorts – Keko Breaks the Silence

Ugandan rapper Keko real name Jocelyn Tracy Keko has apologised for what transpired a few months back.

In January this year, Keko sent her fans into a panic mode when she appeared in an Instagram live broadcast seemingly intoxicated and in a very worrying state.

Broken hair, sunken eyes, and scaly skin are what best described the once Uganda’s Hip – Hop darling.

Keko’s sorry state compelled fans and well-wishers to request the authorities to locate the singer and help her.

Their pleas didn’t fall on deaf ears, as a police officer was seen entering Keko’s apartment a few hours later.


Since then, the singer disabled her Instagram account, before going into hibernation for a few months.

Keko later returned to Instagram after a brief hiatus, and according to photos shared on her account, she seems in good health and rejuvenated.

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It is here that Keko revealed that she doesn’t do drugs contrary to her recent saga which left her name tainted with drug addiction allegations.

She further shed light on what transpired a few months back, claiming she was sipping champagne to celebrate the acquisition of her new apartment.

The singer went on to express her regret for whatever went wrong in the footage that went viral on social media.

Like Nancy Reagan said we tell the kids Just Say No to drugs. I don’t do drugs contrary to popular belief the old account incident was me celebrating my new apartment with some champagne nothing serious I apologize again if I seemed out of sorts the view was too amazing. Love always xx



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