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If You Aren’t from The UK Or Been There, why are You Posting the Queen? – Sheilah Gashumba Questions

Socialite and NBS After5 show presenter Sheilah Gashumba has questioned netizens where they get the guts to post about the queen of England’s death.

On 8th September, Buckingham Palace confirmed the death of Queen Elizabeth II through a statement that was published via Twitter.

Saddened by the development, the world embarked on mourning the Queen’s death, including a section of internet users in Ugandan.

These took to their socials, sharing photos of the deceased followed by their condolence messages.

Sheilah Gashumba

However, netizens jumping on the mourning bandwagon didn’t settle well with Sheilah Gashumba, who took to her Snapchat account to make her grievance known.

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Captioning a friend’s screenshot that was remarking on Ugandans’ obsession with dead people, Sheilah revealed that she finds it awkward for someone who is not from the UK or ever made a trip to the country to post about Queen Elizabeth’s death.

If you aren’t from the UK or if you haven’t been there before sincerely why are you posting the queen?

Sheilah Gashumba


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