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If You Can’t Fart Or Use A Loo In Your Partner’s Presence Your Relationship Lacks Something – Kapa Cat

Singer Catherine Tumusiime alias Kapa Cat has revealed that lovers who can’t fart or use the loo in the presence of each other lack a particular element in their relationships.

As many think lovers who fart in the presence of each other are taking their relationships for granted and treat themselves disrespectfully, singer Kapa Cat thinks otherwise.

According to Kapa, when lovers reach a point of farting in the presence of each other, it is a sign of comfort in a relationship.

Bina Babie, Kapa Cat, Doreen Nasasira

Kapa who made the revelation in a Facebook live broadcast with Bina Babie and Doreen Nasasira maintained that she is always free in every relationship she has been in.

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The singer further urged folks to always opt for partners who will not stress them in the course of the relationship.

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