Irene Namubiru

Irene Namubiru Advocates for Proper Treatment of Housemaids

Singer Irene Namubiru has urged netizens to treat their housemaid properly.

Taking to her Snapchat account, Irene Namubiru urged her followers to value the ability of their domestic workers.

She noted that these people have close proximity to their employers, and have full access to everything that happens within the households.

Iryne explained that since they have access to smartphones and social media, housemaids can share negative feedback and information via their fake accounts if not treated right.

The singer went on to stress that house helps have the potential of attacking, throwing facts in bosses’ faces, and watching you go into depression including as you seek solace from friends.

Irene Namubiru

She stressed that many housemaids possess more knowledge and intelligence than commonly assumed, underscoring the importance of understanding and treating them kindly.

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Never underestimate the ability of your domestics/shamberboys/maids to play DUMB and uninterested. These people are so close to you, they hear and see everything. They have phones, and are on social media platforms with accounts you know nothing of. They are your biggest trolls and snitches in those fake accounts. They will attack you, throw facts in your face, insult you, and then watch you go insane or into depression. They will listen when you call your buddies to vent. They always Know your next move. And they will still use it against you. So some of those people are not as illiterate as you may think. Take time to know them but most especially, be nice to them.


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