Iryn Namubiru, Juliana Kanyomozi

Irene Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi’s link-up excite their fans

In the course of this week, singers Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru linked up much to their respective fans’ excitement.

It should be remembered that years back, Iryn Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi were singing partners under the now-defunct I-Jay girl singing group.

However, their duo didn’t stand the taste of time as it was neutralized before each pursued a solo career.

Fortunately, the two singers’ careers registered remarkable success, with chart-topping classics that resonated so well with music lovers to the present day.

To their surprise, rumors suggested that the two were not seeing eye, claiming that their grudges stemmed from their working history.

Iryn Namubiru, Juliana Kanyomozi

Iryn Namubiru and Juliana on Thursday put the claims to bed, as they appeared in an interview hosted by the latter.

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Their moment together was marked with laughter and good moments, as they delved into their social, family, and work experiences, effectively quashing prior reports of a supposed beef.


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