Irene Ntale, Vinka

Irene Ntale Wages War on Vinka in Cryptic Posts

Songbird Irene Ntale has wedged a verbal attack on former label mate and manager Vinka real name Nakiyingi Veronica Lugya.

A few days back, Vinka hinted at what might have caused her relationship with Irene Ntale to go south.

In an interview with Ruth Kalibbala recently, Vinka revealed that while she was still Irene Ntale’s manager at Swangz Avenue, she considered taking a shot at music.

In an effort to bring her dream to life, Vinka took to the recording booth, releasing her debut single dubbed ‘Level,’ which was followed by ‘Stylo’ ft Irene Ntale.

Vinka notes that her decision to pursue a music career seemingly didn’t settle well with Irene Ntale, as she started acting strange, and during their Stylo video shoot, she walked out of the set.

Irene Ntale, Vinka

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Seemingly responding to Vinka’s submission, Irene Ntale over the weekend took to her Twitter account, revealing that when God finally blesses you remember not to gloat.

And when God finally Blesses you, remember not to Gloat! Cheers to a lovely Sunday

In another Tweet, Irene Ntale cautioned Vinka against biting the hand that once fed her before wishing her fans and followers a lovely week ahead.

Always remember not to bite the hand that once fed you. Wishing y’all a wonderful week ahead.


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