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Irene Ntale’s Expert Advice to Fellow Musicians Before Signing Record Label Contracts

Former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale has tipped fellow musicians considering record label contracts.

While appearing in an interview with BBS TV, Irene Ntale urged fellow musicians to be cautious before signing contracts with any record labels to avoid detrimental impacts on music careers.

Ntale noted that musicians should avoid excessive excitement and be keen about the contracts they are about to enter into.

She explained that musicians tend to be excited due to the enticing promises made by record labels, hence entering contracts they are clueless about.

irene ntale

Ntale stressed that musicians should get lawyers, for the contract review before putting the pen to paper with the record label.

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Furthermore, Ntale urged musicians to refrain from long-term contracts, as people’s tastes and preferences change over time, and it avoids being enslaved under the record label.


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