GOSSIPIsma Olaxes Trashes Muhangi's Comedy Store Awards for Placing Him In Same...

Isma Olaxes Trashes Muhangi’s Comedy Store Awards for Placing Him In Same Category with SesaBat, Aunt Kaduuka, Peng and others

Social media blogger Isma Olaxes has no kind words for comedian Alex Muhangi for placing him under the funniest personality category on Facebook.

On Wednesday, the second edition of the Comedy Store Awards came to its climax with several comedians and funny personalities in different categories going home with their accolades.

However, various personalities were not pleased with the categorizing of the awards, including Isma Olaxes alias Jaja Iculi.

In a live Facebook broadcast, Isma pleaded with Muhangi to put him in the category he merits the next time he categorizes him for his awards.

Isma Olaxes

The blogger stated that classifying him to lock horns with people like Peng Peng, MC Richie, Sesabat, Auntie Kaduuka, and I am Muna was so demeaning, before noting that he is not a comedian and this disrespect should stop.

Isma maintained that he is an educated personality, who should be categorized with personalities of his caliber.

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In the same video, the furious blogger cautioned Alex Muhangi against categorizing him with such people, or else he should refrain from nominating him in his Comedy Store Awards.

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