GOSSIP"I've Never Given a Woman Kameeza Money"- Bruno K

“I’ve Never Given a Woman Kameeza Money”- Bruno K

Singer Bruno Kiggungu alias Bruno K has revealed that all his dating life, he has never landed on a woman that asks who ‘Kameeza’ money.

As most Ugandan husbands leave their homes to head to work, they give their wives a daily subsistence allotment and this is locally known as ‘Kameeza’ money.

The ‘Kameeza’ money always depends on the husband’s revenue stream, hence a well-off husband is capable of leaving behind a sizable amount of money, and the reverse is true.

While taking part in an interview with Pulse Uganda, Bruno K was tasked to reveal how much money he has ever given a woman for ‘Kameeza’.

Bruno K

Laughing at the question, Bruno made it known that the funny bit he doesn’t recall dating any woman that asked him for ‘Kameeza’ money.

The singer’s revelation, however, didn’t settle well with most women, who claimed that ‘Kameeza’ money is never asked for, but rather a man’s daily duty to fulfill.

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Bruno’s admission comes shortly after his baby mama Vanessa exposed him for not being a responsible father to his son Seth Kiggundu, as he steadfastly failed to foot their daily necessities.

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