Jackie Chandiru, Kasuku

Jackie Chandiru Expresses Disappointment in Kasuku’s Remarks on Blu*3 Reunion Concert

Blu*3 member Jackie Chandiru has expressed disappointment with media personality Isaac Daniel Katende’s remarks about the group’s recent reunion concert.

During one of his YouTube Kasuku Live segments, Kasuku made remarks about the Blu*3 reunion concert event, revealing that the trio has no plans beyond the just concluded sold-out concert.

The comments, however, left a sour taste in Jackie Chandiru’s mouth, who pointed out that despite being entitled to his own opinion, he beat below the belt.

Jackie Chandiru noted that she thought Kasuku was among her friends, however, his remarks proved otherwise.

Jackie Chandiru

She added that the fact that she recently grappled with mental health, Kasuku’s negative remarks can have a detrimental impact on her health.

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Furthermore, Jackie said Kasuku’s comments indicate that he lacks respect for women.


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