Bruno K, Jalia Walda

Jalia Walda Accuses Bruno K of Misappropriating Funds, Failing to Deliver Song Video

Singer Bruno K is in a bitter feud with renowned US-based beautician Jalia Walda alias Jalia Nassolo over misappropriating funds.

A few weeks back Bruno K released a song dubbed Jalia in honour of Jalia Walda funded by the beautician’s mother.

The song was aimed at heaping praise on Jalia Walda for everything she has done for her mother over the years.

However, based on the agreement, Bruno K was paid for the song video shoot but acted the contrary before demanding a refund of her money.

Lilian Mbabazi, Jalia Walda

During her TikTok livestream, Jalia expressed her disappointment with Bruno K, claiming that the singer took the money but failed to take part in the video shoot.

On the other hand, Bruno K defended himself, asserting that the videographer arrived over two hours late on set, hence sabotaging the plans, but they managed to shoot a few portions of the song video.

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Bruno maintained that he couldn’t refund the money as demanded by Jalia Walda, asserting that he already used it to borrow the camera and other equipment.

Bruno went on to urge the videographer to apologize to Jalia, pointing out that it was his mistake to arrive late hence infuriating the beautician to the extent of claiming that the singer absconded with her money.


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