NEWSJamie Culture Accuses Hanson Baliruno Of Conniving With Old Women To Eat...

Jamie Culture Accuses Hanson Baliruno Of Conniving With Old Women To Eat People’s Money

Singers Jamie Culture and Hanson Baliruno in a heated exchange with the former accusing the latter of conniving with old women in the music industry to steal artists’ and other people’s hard-earned money.

According to the leaked voice recording shared by Sanyuka Tv, Jamie Culture can be heard advising Hanson Baliruno to stay away from Halima Namakula and her company as she will damage his music career.

Jamie Culture

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He explains that Hanson dealing with thieves, and people with bad vibes, he automatically becomes part of their lifestyle.

The Telukya star reveals that Hanson and a company have swindled artists’ money from Gulu, bought land, and established buildings in Nansana.

Jamie Culture further stated that he has to tell Hanson the truth because he can’t be more intelligent than him.

Hanson Baliruno

Responding to Jamie Culture’s rants, Hanson Baliruno states that he can’t part ways with someone who gave him a platform 15 years back when no one could.

He details that Halima Namakula welcomed him to her studio and promised him to be somebody with time which came true.

He vowed not to fall out with Halima as Jamie Culture desires, but rather requested him to mind his business and leave him alone as he has never attacked or disrespected him.

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