NEWSJennifer Full Figure Arrests Motormouth Tiktoker Dr. Cephcoh

Jennifer Full Figure Arrests Motormouth Tiktoker Dr. Cephcoh

On 03 June 2022, the presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure arrested motormouth Tiktoker Dr. Cephcoh of the “Tiktokers gather” fame and threw him behind bars.

Cephcoh is known for hurling all sorts of insults, especially at celebrities who disagree with his ideologies.

Winnie Nwagi, Lydia Jazmine, Bruno K, Precious Remmie, and Jennifer Full Figure are some of the victims of Cephco’s belittling behavior.

According to Full Figure, she has been tracing Cephco following a series of videos insulting her and the son Museveni Kairos Pearl.

On several occasions, the self-branded Doctor made it known that he is untouchable and capable of putting whoever he desires in a place they deserve.


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He further mentioned that his mother is a respected figure in the state house, who can always fight for his rights.

It is after being nabbed that folks learned that Cephcoh’s mother was an impersonator, who claimed to work in the country’s top-notch offices hence misleading her son to degrade people.

The pair were apprehended and locked up at the Kibuye police station before pleading to be forgiven.

Cephco’s arrest has since fathered divergent reactions among internet users, as some criticize the singer cum politician’s action, reasoning they are walking in her footsteps.

Others, however, concurred with Full Figure’s decision, saying it is the right time to put an end to cyber harassment.


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