Jenva redefines music with genre-blending and stereotype-shattering artistry

Jenva, a versatile and boundary-pushing artist, is redefining the music scene by blending genres and shattering stereotypes.

Hailing from Uganda, he seamlessly combines Afro beats with the lyrical finesse of hip-hop, resulting in a sound that mirrors the rich diversity of the cultures that influence him.

Brought up by his single mother in Jinja, the second largest city in Uganda, Jenva embarked on his creative journey at the age of 17 as a fashion designer and a freestyle rapper.

Despite facing challenges, he found success through singing in church, modeling, and launching his music career with hits like Nana, Soweto, and Hakuna Matata.


Currently, the singer has teamed up with Swiss rapper $aid to produce impressive tracks such as Yeye in their EP “Different Vibe.”

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Prepare to groove to their hard-hitting tunes and witness the exceptional artistry that distinguishes Jenva.

Furthermore, Jenva has a music project in the making with celebrated RnB singer Maro.


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