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Keko Explains Why Her Friendship With Sheebah Came to an End

In a recent interview, rapper Keko opened up about the factors that ultimately led to the dissolution of her friendship with fellow artist Sheebah.

The once inseparable duo, who had captivated the music industry with their undeniable chemistry and shared passion for music, shocked fans when they parted ways.

Keko revealed that one of the main factors that contributed to the breakdown of their friendship was Sheebah setting out to work with her former manager Jeff Manager, to pursue her musical ambitions.

She holds the belief that Jeff Kiwa provided counsel to Sheebah, urging her to terminate their friendship for reasons known exclusively to him.

Furthermore, she acknowledges that she cannot hold Kama Music’s chief accountable, as her strong desire to attain stardom compelled her to adhere to her manager’s instructions in order to accomplish her aspirations.


Moreover, Keko revealed that the considerable distance between them significantly influenced their friendship’s demise.

The “Let Me Go,” star went on to express her contentment with Sheebah’s decision to prioritize her own rise to stardom over their friendship, as it ultimately proved successful.

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Keko asserted that she is consistently available to talk or collaborate on a musical endeavour with Sheebah, and is prepared to undertake any necessary measures to rekindle their amicable relationship.


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