GOSSIPLanek Calls Out Pastor Joseph Ngoma For Accepting Maama Fiina's Money at David...

Lanek Calls Out Pastor Joseph Ngoma For Accepting Maama Fiina’s Money at David Lutalo’s Concert

Gospel singer Lanek is unhappy with fellow singer Pastor Joseph Ngoma for accepting ritualist Maama Fiina’s money at David Lutalo’s concert.

On Friday 29 September 2023, David Lutalo successfully held his ‘Nalongo’ concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

The just-concluded concert, saw both secular and gospel musicians curtain rise for David Lutalo, who was the night’s major attraction.

Revellers from all walks of life, including public figures like Maama Fiina and her daughter, attended the concert as well.

Renowned for her extravagance, Maama Fiina made it rain on several musicians, who impressed her with their stellar performances.

Joseph Ngoma, Among those Mama Fiina gave money at the event was renowned gospel singer Pastor Joseph Ngoma, something that seemingly didn’t impress a section of fellow born-again Christians.

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Taking to his socials, social media critic and singer Lanek vented his frustration with Joseph Ngoma, revealing that accepting money from Maama Fiina is an abomination in their faith and hence he should issue an apology.

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