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Late Mose Radio’s Sister Urges Daniella Atim Not To Relate Her Late Brother To Weasel’s Violent Character

One of the late Mose Radio’s sisters, Nagujja Fatumah alias Missy Fatty, has come out and urged Jose Chameleon’s wife Daniella Atim not to relate her late brother to weasel’s violent character.

Weasel for the past few days has bagged a couple of news headlines following the sad news of battering his wife Sandra Teta.

This compelled folks to intervene in the matter, as some heavily criticized the Goodlife singer’s act of always disrespecting and beating up his wife.

Among the many, was Daniella Atim, who made it known through her Instagram account that Weasel may end up like the late Ak47 and his departed singing mate Mose Radio whose deaths were linked to violence.

 Mose Radio

Upon landing on Daniella’s remarks, Mose Radio’s sister who identifies herself as Missy Fatty on Facebook seemed not impressed by the mother of five’s divulgence.

In a post Missy shared on her Facebook, she urged Daniella not to compare Weasel’s violent character to her late brother’s death.

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She reminded Daniella that on several occasions, it called for Radio’s intervention to save girls from Weasel’s rage before reminiscing a moment when he attempted to beat her up.

Furthermore, Missy noted that her brother never raised a hand to beat up a woman, and advised her to put family issues off social media.

Well, Moses isn’t here to defend himself but his family will. I don’t really see how murder is connected to beating up women. It’s like saying someone who was raped called for it.

Madam before putting up things you should have known that Moses’ family is still in pain.

Need I remind you that Moses himself used to involve in helping those girls when they were being beaten? Need I remind you that at some point Weasel attempted to beat me?

Well, that’s not an issue. Thing is, Moses wasn’t raised to beat up women. I think it’s best you put family issues off social media, thanks.

Missy Fatty

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