NEWSLeila Kayondo Apologizes to Whoever Was Offended Following Her Verbal Attack On...

Leila Kayondo Apologizes to Whoever Was Offended Following Her Verbal Attack On SK Mbuga

Following what transpired earlier last month between singer Leila Kayondo and businessman Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga, the former has apologized for her unethical conduct.

It should be recalled that through a streak of Whatsapp statuses, Leila Kayondo had no kind words for ex-lover SK Mbuga.

Leila labeled Mbuga a fool and an illiterate who gets attracted to any female speaking a foreign language, before revealing that his sex game is very poor.

Through her Instagram live broadcast on Friday evening, Leila Kayondo revealed that she promised her family never to utter SK Mbuga’s name again, a statement she will respect henceforth.

Leila Kayondo

She apologized to her family, fans, and well-wishers who were offended by her unethical conduct portrayed.

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The Osobola star maintained that she doesn’t regret airing out her grievances, owing she was getting a few things off her chest.

She further urged folks to stop the narrative that she bite the fingers that were feeding her, stressing that it was a joint effort between her and Mbuga for everything to take shape.

In the same live broadcast, the singer noted that she will not stomach anyone who opens fake social media platforms or pays bloggers to offend her.


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