Lil Pazo Lunabe, Irene Ntale

Lil Pazo claims Irene Ntale replaced his stolen phone with a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max

Singer Lil Pazo has revealed that fellow singer and his crush Irene Ntale has gifted him a brand new iPhone after losing his phone during the recently concluded DJ Nimrod’s All-White party.

Over the weekend, Pazo was left devastated after an individual made off with his phone valued worth Ugx 5M.

While appearing in an interview on Spark TV, Lil Pazo revealed that upon Irene Ntale who is currently in the US learning of his loss, she was so quick to aid him by gifting him a brand new iPhone.

The “Enkudi” singer claimed that the boxed phone was sent via British Airways and delivered to his doorstep on Tuesday morning.

Lil Pazo, Ssuuna Ben

Pazo noted that Ntale elevated his lifestyle, as she gifted him an iPhone 15 Pro Max a better version of the stolen iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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He flaunted his brand-new acquisition, revealing that Ntale advised him to keep it in the box for four consecutive days before taking it out.


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