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“Make Your Own Money” Lucky Mbabazi To Women Protesting Against Sidechics and Kameeza Money

On Monday morning, a group of women believed to be housewives stormed different Kamapala roundabouts with placards demonstrating against their respective husbands.

The women aired out their grievances which included Kameeza Money to be increased, and Sidechics to stop spoiling their marriages among others.

A Sidechick is described as a woman who is in a relationship with a married man without the main wife’s consent.Lucky MbabaziREAD ALSO: Doreen Nasasira Opens Up About Her Rapid Weight Loss

When Lucky Mbabazi crossed paths with the photos of aggrieved women shared on social media, she took to her socials to address the matter.

In Lucky’s one-minute video, she stressed that there is no man who will be taken by a Sidechic unless he wants to.

The Capital FM presenter furthermore noted that a man determined to date a Sidechic will do so even when the protesting housewives undress on the streets of Kampala.Lucky MbabaziLucky Mbabazi suggested that ladies should embark on making their own money, since men fancy well-off women. She stated that this will as well help them fight against their cheating husbands.

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