NEWSMartha Kay Dramatically Recovers Her Lost Range Rover Car

Martha Kay Dramatically Recovers Her Lost Range Rover Car

Social media comedienne and Next Radio presenter Martha Kay finally recovers her lost Range Rover ride.

On 12th September, Martha revealed how she had lost her newly acquired dream car just a few weeks of its acquisition.

Her revelation saw her fans sympathise with her, while a section of internet users suggested that it was one of the stunts public figures craft to win public attention.

Martha Kay

On Tuesday, Martha Kay revealed how she had earlier installed a tracker in her car and was optimistic that her ride would be located soon.

A day after, Martha revealed that she had recovered her stolen car with the help of a tracking company.

She shared photos of her car with personalised license plates on the red carpet, ready to be handed to her by the company.

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It is evident that this was a gig given to Martha Kay by the tracking company to promote their services, and their aim was successfully achieved.

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