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Martha Mukisa Reveals Why She Didn’t React Violently To A Fan Who Touched Her Private Parts

Being one of the victims of sexual harassment, Black magic entertainment singer Martha Mukisa has remarked on the mushrooming vice in the entertainment industry.

With Sheebah being the most recent victim of this tasteless behavior, artists like Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, Chosen Blood, and others have tasted the bitter side of this immoral act.

While in an interview with Sanyuka Tv, Martha Mukisa blamed her recent encounter on the event organizers, who put the podium above, and close to the revelers.

Martha Mukisa

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When asked why she didn’t hit her offender, the singer revealed that the man in question was intoxicated and horny, and hitting him would have caused death or left him in a poor health state.

She further noted that since the man was holding a big bottle of drinks, it would be easy for him to throw it at the podium leaving the singer nursing serious injuries.

Martha maintained that violence is not the best solution for their offenders, but hitting them to a smaller extent helps put them in their rightful senses.

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