Mathias Walukagga

Mathias Walukagga Hints at Concert After Completing his Second Year First Semester Studies

A few years back Politician and Kadongo Kamu singer Mathias Walukagga embarked on furthering his studies.

While appearing in an interview, he revealed that his study process has so far been successful, and in August he will resume his studies with his second-year first semester.

He noted that he has not been active musically due to his busy schedule, which was due to his studies and desire to concentrate more.

Additionally, Mathias Walukagga pointed out that after finishing his studies this year, he plans to hold his annual concert before the year ends.

Mathias Walukagga

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Walukagga stressed that he is unbothered by his concert timing, and he is ready to hold it on the 31st of December 2024 if necessary.

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