Mathias Walukagga

Mathias Walukagga refutes resorting to car dealing, brags about owning more than one car

Kadongo Kamu singer Mathias Walukagga has downplayed claims suggesting he resorted to selling cars.

For a while now, Mathias Walukagga’s personal Facebook page has been promoting various car brands seemingly attracting potential buyers.

This birthed rumors that the singer and politician had embarked on a car dealership to widen his revenue stream.

However, while appearing in an interview, Mathias Walukagga poured cold water on the claims, pointing out that he is not responsible for the cars being sold on his Facebook page.

Mathias Walukagga

Walukagga made it clear that due to the high engagement on his Facebook Page, his social media handler uses the platform to market cars.

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The singer acknowledged owning multiple cars, asserting that it is a strategy for him to keep his money as it is easy for him to give away cash to people but he finds it difficult to sell a car to help someone.


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