Maureen Nantume

Maureen Nantume Threatens Legal Action Against Unauthorized Use of Her Image by Beauty Product

Earlier today, Maureen Nantume encountered a company that had utilized her image to promote their beauty products without her permission.

The singer expressed her displeasure towards this unauthorized use of her likeness, emphasizing that the company had not sought her approval for such advertising.

Through her social media platforms, she cautioned the company against continuing to exploit her image without consent.

Nantume asserted that the company’s actions constituted fraud, as they had not engaged in any formal agreement with her regarding the use of her picture.

She firmly stated her intention to pursue legal recourse if the company persisted in using her image without her explicit consent.

As a public figure, she understands that her image holds value and should not be used for commercial gain without her permission.

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She made it clear that she will not tolerate such infringement on her rights and will take all necessary steps to protect her image and reputation.


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