NEWSMaurice Kirya Urges Fellow Artists To Stop Discouraging And Gossiping About Others

Maurice Kirya Urges Fellow Artists To Stop Discouraging And Gossiping About Others

Many artists in Uganda’s music industry have embarked on creating unfavourable working conditions for fellow artists for their selfish gains.

Addressing the prevailing situation, singer Maurice Kirya has taken to his socials and urged fellow artists who are fond of gossiping and discouraging others to stop it.

According to Maurice Kirya, some talented artists spend most of their time bragging about how better they are than others.

Maurice Kirya

In the process, hardworking and brave artists who always wake up to chase their dreams are discouraged.

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It is here that the Self-described “King of Mwoyo”, advised the talented artists who think they are better than others to stop demoralising those who are trying their best to write their names in the good books of Uganda’s music industry.

Some of the most talented artists I know in Uganda spend most of their time gossiping about other artists and how they think they are better than them, Instead of getting in studio and putting their talent to work.

So this goes out to you talented artists, if you think you’re good, be about it, stop trying to discourage artists that are actually doing the work and putting it out there, They are brave and they’re following their dreams.

Maurice Kirya

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