GOSSIPMC Kats Embroiled In a Heated Argument With His Mother-In-law

MC Kats Embroiled In a Heated Argument With His Mother-In-law

NBS After5 presenter MC Kats real name Edwin Katamba has reportedly been embroiled in a heated argument with his mother-in-law.

Over the weekend, an onlooker captured a video clip that portrayed MC Kats in a bitter exchange with a woman supposedly his mother-in-law.

It is believed that Kats chopped wires upon realizing that his baby mama connived with her mother to deny him access to his kid.

In the video, Kats could be seen shouting at the top of his voice commanding his mother-in-law to give him his kid before reminding her that he never asked her for assistance in rising the kid.

MC Kats

The video further portrays Kats pinning his mother-in-law for failing to raise her own daughter.

For the love of his kid, the emcee went down on his knees and pleaded to be given his kid, but his pleas yielded no fruit.

In the same video, Kats vowed to drag the mother-in-law to the courts of law, if she fails to comply with his directive.

It is still not clear who among MC Kats’ mothers-in-law rubbed Kats the wrong way, but rumours suggest that she is singer Fille’s mother.

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