Mesach Semakula, Haruna Mubiru

Mesach Semakula recounts Haruna Mubiru’s rise from a barber in Kisenyi to a successful musician

While attending Haruna Mubiru’s press conference at the start of this week, Mesach Semakula looked back the memory lane, Haruna’s started.

Mesach Semakula revealed that Haruna Mubiru is his actual nephew, and the two grew up together before going separate ways when they grew up.

Mesach pursued a career in music, while Haruna Mubiru took the barbing direction, establishing his small salon in Kisenyi-Kampala.

However, Haruna encountered setbacks in his career, as thugs one night made off with his hair clippers.

This saw Mesach Semakula recruit Haruna Mubiru in the now-defunct Eagles production, where he handled music equipment like speakers among others.

Several years later, Haruna Mubiru pursued an emceeing career and carried out events advertisement drives on trucks ahead of concerts.

Haruna Mubiru

During these drives, Haruna Mubiru gave a shot at music and drew inspiration from female musicians like Irene Namatovu, and Catherine Kusasira, among others.

This saw Haruna Mubiru start penning his music, however, his lyrical craftmanship was subpar. Fortunately, Haruna composed “Ekitooke Kifa Nsalira,” which he performed at the then Jam Session before being noticed by Mesach Semakula.

Mesach Samakula advised him to record the song, but Haruna had sold it to the late Kato Lubwama, who had also given it to Doreen Mutiibwa.

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Determined to propel Haruna’s music career, Mesach was unbothered by who owned the song, as they hit the recording booth Paddy Man’s Audio One.

It is here that Haruna Mubiru recorded “Ekitooke Kifa Nsalira” which placed him somewhere at the pinnacle of the Uganda music industry, and he has never looked back.


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