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Muslims Want Mc Mariachi To Apologize Using The Same Platform He Used To Demean Their Faith

Even after appearing in a series of videos apologizing to those who were offended by his most recent demeaning jokes, Muslims are not impressed by Mc Mariachi’s apology.

For the past few days, you must have crossed paths with Mc Mariach’s videos on social media apologizing to Muslim believers.

This emanates from the local comedian’s act of cracking jokes that seemingly demeaned the Muslim faith as he performed at a comedy store last week.

Mc Mariachi

Upon the Muslim clerics demanding an apology from Mariachi, he recorded a series of videos, asking for forgiveness from whoever was offended by his utterances.

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However, Mariachi’s apology was not impressive, and the Muslim clerics deemed it disrespectful.

These urged the comedian to use the same platform he used to demean their religion to ask for forgiveness before Friday.

They further revealed that they want Mc Marichi to serve as an example to whoever is planning to take the same path disrespecting them.

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