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No Woman Has a Golden Nyamuga Respect Your Baby Mama – Zari Hassan to Geosteady

SA-based socialite Zari Hassan has called out singer Geosteady to respect his baby mama Prima Kadarshi.

For a while now, Geosteady and Prima Kadarshi have made it a norm to use social media as a medium to address their grievances.

Following Prima’s decision to withdraw from the Zzina awards just as baby daddy Gesoteady began his performance, the latter resorted to social media to poke the former, telling her that she should always face her challenges rather than run away from them.

“Never run away from your challenges, always face them” says LES BROWN

This, however, did not sit well with Zari, who resorted to the comment section to warn the musician about insulting his children’s mother.

Prima Kadarshi, Geosteady

Zari went on to say that Geosteady’s actions with his baby mama foreshadow what he is capable of doing to his new lover Hindu Kay as time unfolds.

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The self-proclaimed boss lady emphasized that she is impartial and does not support either party’s unethical deeds.

You started off well but disrespecting the mother of your children is not something some of us will take lightly. If you can do it to prima, new wife should know you’ll do it to her too even worse. No one has a golden v****. I’m team neutral by the way, silina side. We love the talent bro, but use it wisely


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