MUSIC"Non Baganda Artists in Kampala Will Never Make It" Singer Byg Ben...

“Non Baganda Artists in Kampala Will Never Make It” Singer Byg Ben Claims & Gives His Reasons

Eastern Ugandan-based singer Byg Ben real name Kuloba Ben has come out and claimed that non-Baganda artists in Kampala will never make it musically.

Over the weekend, Byg Ben took to Twitter and expressed his displeasure with Bagandas for not supporting non-Baganda’s musical careers.

The singer stressed that the few artists that perform in the central region perform in Luganda to appeal to their masters that they are one of them.

Byg Ben further stressed that the moment these artists switch to their mother languages, no one would support them.

Byg Ben

The musician insisted that he is not encouraging sectarianism, citing the fact that his mother was Muganda before she passed away.

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Byg Ben’s submission, however, generated divergent reactions among internet users, with some urging him to do good music rather than ranting over unproductive issues.

Others, however, have concurred with his submission, noting that Ugandans should support all artists regardless of their origin.

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