Precious Remmie

Not Being With You This Valentine Is the Hardest Thing Bindeeba to Precious Remmie on Valentine’s Day

Next media host Precious Remmie has been showered with sweet nothings by her lover Raymond Bindeeba on valentines day.

14th February every year is the day that Ugandans and the world at large express their affection for those that matter in their lives.

The day is made count through cladding matching outfits, exchanging gifts, and romantic vacations among other several ways.

In the same line, Raymond Bindeeba, earlier today surprised his lover Precious Remmie live on set with a bouquet and a beautiful message.

Precious Remmie

Based in the USA, Bindeeba sent a video clip, where he heaped praise on Remmie, whom he addressed as his future and wife.

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Hey my love, my future, being far from you this Valentine’s day is the hardest thing this year. But I wanna let you know that not even the distance can change how feel about you.

I love you my one and only wife and I am here to wish you a beautiful Valentine’s day. See you soon, see you around. Thank you.

The development comes amid speculations that the pair’s romance had hit a dead end over Bindeeba’s infidelity and the couple is currently having the last laugh.


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