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Nubian Li Accused Of Obtaining Land By False Pretense, Ordered To Compensate 26m And Vacate The Premises

Firebase second in command Ali Buken alias Nubian Li is on the verge of losing his piece of land following accusations that he acquired it by false pretense.

According to Mrs. Kayondo Rose, she got married to her husband Mr. Kayondo Moses on 20th April 1998. They worked together and acquired a piece of land in Kyanja, Kulambiro where they built their family house.

However, the husband forged her signature and sold the property to singer Nubian in 2011 without her approval as a wife.

Upon seeking justice from the courts of law, the tribunal came to a final verdict in 2018 that Nubian Li should vacate the premises since he didn’t acquire the property through the proper channels.

Nubian Li

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On top of that, Nubian and Kayondo Moses were directed to compensate Kayondo Rose for general damages worth Ugx16.5m, and costs incurred Ugx7m.

She states that Nubian Li turned a deaf ear to the court’s ruling, as he continued with the house renovation process.

She further notes that her current situation is alarming since she is jobless and currently renting with her grown-up daughters.

Kayondo Rose maintains that she is set to officially sell to Nubian Li if he is ready to foot Ugx400m.

Take a look at the video below.

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