Omukunja Atasera, Halima Namakula

Omukunja Atasera Accuses Halima Namakula and Hanson Baliruno of Misappropriating UMA SACCO Savings

Upcoming singer Omukunja Atasera real name Ssempijja Dan Tadius accuses veteran singer Halima Namakula and Hanson Baliruno of misappropriating the UMA SACCO savings.

According to OMukunjja Atasera, UMA established a SACCO in 2022, where its members saved their money with Hanson Baliruno as the treasurer.

He claimed that Halima Namakula advised him to usually deposit the money on Hanson Baliruno’s mobile money account before it could be registered as savings in the SACCO.

To Omukunja’s surprise, Halima Namkula and Hanson Bliruno joined the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) abandoning the UMA and its SACCO.

During a phone call recording between Omukunja and Halima, the latter revealed that the primary goal of the SACCO was to save money, which would be shared annually among its members.

Omukunja Atasera

However, Halima Namakula and Hanson Baliruno veered off the SACCO’s mission, swindling all the member’s money.

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When Omukunja asked Halima why she and Hanson Baliruno had to quit UMA before reimbursing the members’ SACCO savings, Halima hung up seemingly lacking a proper explanation.


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