NEWSPallaso Ready for a Professional Boxing Battle With Alien Skin

Pallaso Ready for a Professional Boxing Battle With Alien Skin

Team Good Music singer Pallaso has revealed that he his open for a proffessional boxing battle with Alien Skin.

A few days back Pallaso thrashed Alien Skin at one of the studios in Makindye for alledgedly sabotaging his concert rehersal session.

According to videos that made rounds on social media Pallaso could be seen angrily slappping Alien Skin as he demands for respect from him.

Upon escaping his arest from the Uganda police which had thrown him on a poatrol, Alien Skin revealed that Pallaso managed to defeat owing he was outnumbered.

However, Alien maintained that Pallaso can’t defeat him if they are to on a one on one boxing challenge.


Ealier today, while Pallaso issuing his second apology to Alien at Bulange Mengo, he was questioned if he is ready to lock horns with the latter proffessionally.

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In his response, Pallaso noted that boxing being a proffession in Uganda, Alien Skin can acquire a boxing license, gloves and other necesary requirements, and they open Nakivubugo for them to quench their boxing thirst.

Have a look at the video below.


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