NEWSPallaso Refutes Claims of Refusing to Receive Former Manager Karma Ivien's Court...

Pallaso Refutes Claims of Refusing to Receive Former Manager Karma Ivien’s Court Summons

Former Karma Ivien management singer Pallaso has ruled out allegations of refusing to receive former manager Karma Ivan’s court summons.

On 11th September 2022, talent manager Ivan Lubega famously known as Karma Ivien revealed how Pallaso had breached their contract when he deprived him of his duties as the manager.

Karma through his lawyers M/s Ochieng Associated Advocates issued a sermon for Pallaso to file a defence regarding the claims.

However, Karma Ivien through his socials revealed that the singer had arrogantly refused to receive the court summons to file a defence but he was confident his lawyers knew what to do.

Kama Ivien, Pallaso

While addressing the media yesterday, Pallaso got into several topics, including his prevailing relationship with his former manager Karma Ivien.

The ‘Malamu’ crooner stressed that he parted ways with Karma Ivien upon the manager refusing to fund his music career during the pandemic lockdown.

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Pallaso made it known that Karma Ivien ruined his relationship with him when he took the issues to court yet he would have phoned him and worked out their disputes.

In contrast to Karma’s assertions, Pallaso maintained that he had never been served by his former manager’s bailiffs.

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