NEWSPallaso Says Producer Eddie Dee Disrespected Him When He Urged For His...

Pallaso Says Producer Eddie Dee Disrespected Him When He Urged For His Assistance Through The Media

A few weeks back, Acton Records producer Edie Dee stormed the media for assistance after being locked out of his rental in Stella Najanankumbi.

The producer stressed that the reason why he is suffering in dire poverty, he has been entering a gentleman’s agreement with artists, who promised to pay him in the near future.

However, these disappointed him, when they acted contrary to their agreement leaving him choking on accumulated rented arrears and other bills.

Upon Pallaso crossing paths with one of Edie Dee’s interviews urging well-wishers and artists to help him raise the landlord’s money amounting to UGX 4M, the former responded positively to the cause with UGX 1M.

Pallaso, Edie Dee

In an interview with Bukedde TV, Pallaso revealed that Edie Dee lied in his interviews when he said the singer turned a deaf ear at a time when he needed him the most.

The ‘Malamu’ star stressed that he has never failed to render a helping hand whenever his producer needed him, and it was always off-camera.

Pallaso blamed Edie Dee for using the media to address his grievances, saying the latter dragged his brand through the mad and it was unethical of the producer.

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Pallaso maintained that he has never paid feathers to Edie Dee’s services, for the time they have worked together.

The TGM singer further noted that he has been a stepping stone to Edie Dee’s stardom since some of his hit songs were produced by him.

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