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People Will Buy an Expensive Coffin When I Die Yet They’ve Failed to Help Me Now – Ailing Comedian Bugingo

Renowned comedian Bugingo, real name Ssenyonjo Hassan, is not pleased with his peers since they haven’t done enough to help him get out of his precarious situation.

It’s nearly three years ever since comedian Bugingo was diagnosed with a chronic illness that attacked his manhood.

The comedian has tried many hospitals across the nation, but he hasn’t been able to bring the bizarre ailment under control.

During an interview with Bukedde Tv a few days back, Bugingo who appeared in excruciating pain revealed that the ailment has robbed him of almost everything he had.

Bugingo During and Interview at Bukedde (Photo: Bukedde)

He stressed that, of his three children, one perished in a pit accident during the pandemic lockdown. The remaining two are girls, but he is unable to care for them due to his precarious financial situation and can’t afford his medication.

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In an effort to at least raise money for his medication, Bugingo pleaded with former boss and fellow comedian Alex Muhangi to dedicate one show to him.

As he knelt before those he wronged, Bugingo begged for pardon and said, “Unfortunately, after my death, people will amass money to buy an elegant casket, however, they’ve failed to aid me while I’m still alive.”

Have a look at the video below.

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