NEWSPolice Arrests Dorothy Nabulime, the Woman Who Appears in a Viral Clip...

Police Arrests Dorothy Nabulime, the Woman Who Appears in a Viral Clip Violently Beating Up Her 2-Year-Old Daughter

Uganda Police have confirmed the arrest and detention of Dorothy Nabulime the woman who appeared in the viral video clip violently beating up her own daughter.

Over the weekend, a video clip portraying Dorothy beating up her daughter circulated on various socializing Apps.

In the video, Dorothy Nabulime,22, a mother of 3 could be seen beating up her 2-year-old for reasons best known to her. 

She hits the daughter with a shoe on different parts of the body, before the daughter falls out of the basin that was prepared for her to bathe, landing on the ground.

Angry Dorothy continues with the beatings and orders the daughter to get back to the basin and bathe.

Nabulime Dorothy

The video that went viral, attracted the attention of both local and international personalities, who heavily criticized Dorothy’s immoral behavior and urged the Police to intervene in the matter.

A few hours later, Police detectives in Busula, Wobulenzi, Luwero arrested and detained Dorothy before charging her with torture under SD Ref: 06/03/09/2022.

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Police further made it known that Dorothy Nabulime will be aligned before Court on Monday, for justice to be availed.

Have a look at the video.

According to rumors, this is not the first time Nabulime is beating up her daughter in such a manner.

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