NEWSPolice Reveals Jose Chameleone Must Face Charges for Clobbering a Boda Rider

Police Reveals Jose Chameleone Must Face Charges for Clobbering a Boda Rider

The Uganda Police has revealed that Leone Island Music chief Jose Chameleone must be charged for clobbering a Boda Boda rider.

Earlier today, social media was awash with a video clip of Jose Chameleone clobbering a Boda rider for allegedly scratching his car as he was heading to his residence in Sseguku.

Chameleone could be seen using a long cane, which he pulled out of his Range Rover to school the Boda rider on how to rightfully use the road.

In the statement that followed the incident, Chameleone’s public relations team revealed that the incident happened on 17 November 2022, before noting that the singer reacted in such a manner in a bid to defend himself from a charged Boda Boda rider who had tried to violently approach him and hurling insults after scratching his pricey ride.


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However, the deputy Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango stated that even though the Boda cyclist did not file a case against Chameleone, they have already started an investigation and the musician would soon be held accountable for his violent behavior.

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Patrick Onyango further disclosed that they have already directed the Sseguku OC to team up with the area LC chairperson to identify the Boda cyclist who was clobbered, and the witnesses to record their statements.

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