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Police Summons K&K Music on Allegations of Libel Vide (Defamation)

The Uganda Police has summoned the singing duo of K&K Music (Kataleya and Kandle) on allegations of libel vide (defamation)

Based on the police summon letter dated 02 July 2024, SD REF: 85/25/01//2024 the duo is required to appear before the regional CID Office Kampala Metropolitan East at Jinja Road on July 4th, 2024 at 0900 hours.

This is for them to make an interview and statement regarding the cases that were slapped against them by their former record label Theron Music Company Limited.

According to reports, the aforementioned cases were committed by K&K Music during their media tours, following their months’ hiatus due to a fallout with their record label.

Addressing the matter in a press statement issued by K&K Music, they claim to have been receiving calls and texts from unidentified individuals who made many unlawful threats to them, as some were illegally holding out as Music Promoters desiring to book them for shows in Masaka.

K&K Music

They assert that based on their understanding, they would have received formal Police summons before being, intimidated, tracked & sent threats.

K&K Music assured that their fans since those who issued threats & tried to track them using CMI (army) and Flying Squad were unsuccessful in their attempts, they have now turned to legal and lawful measures thing they applaud.

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They pledged to cooperate and present themselves to the legitimate police authorities to truthfully provide a statement regarding the malicious allegations against them by their accusers in the alleged futile bid to intimidate them and stifle their legitimate music business and livelihood.


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